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I wanted to write a note to Western Chief to thank them for creating the most perfect pair of rain boots for my little girl. However, when I put my pen to paper, things just started to rhyme. Although these boots have seen better days and no longer fit, I don't think I'll ever be able to part ways with them because Savannah loved them so much and wore them all day every day!


Red and black and Polka dot These rain boots were The first she got

Barely walking she Stumbled in And soon they became More than broken in

The only pair of shoes She would want to wear To church, to play, to school all day It didn't matter where

From sun and snow Throughout all seasons These boots were her favorite No matter the reason

Pictures and adventures During her second year Of these beloved boots And my darling dear

The time has now come For them to part ways For these boots have seen Much better days

Worn and torn And much too snug Even for the littlest Ladybug

Footwear that will always Make me smile For they possess More memories than miles


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