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To my friend-

I miss you. And I see you. On social media. Celebrating life.

I see the photos and I want so badly to be there. Celebrating life.

Celebrating all the exciting things. The birthdays. The bridal showers. The happy hours. The wineries.

Celebrating all the normal things. The restaurant. The lake. The park. The back porch sitting.

Celebrating with others. Other friends. Family. Co-workers.

Please know I am celebrating with you from afar. And how much it hurts to be missing out.

To miss the conversation. And laughter. And the memories.

I hope you know much I want to be there. How much I want to be in your presence.


But unfortunately, I can’t be right now.

Because I’m here too, celebrating life.

Celebrating life in a much different way.

Two lives in particular – my unborn baby and special needs brother.

I can’t take any chances. I can’t afford to risk either.

My time right now needs to continue being isolated.

Alone and away. Because it’s the only guarantee.

The only guarantee I won’t put either of those two lives at risk.

I need to continue making sacrifices.

For their health. And their safety. And for yours, too.

And so until this passes, I hope you understand.

I hope you understand why I can’t be there.

I hope you know I want to be there.

I hope you forgive me for missing out.

I hope you know how much I miss you.

I hope you know I’m still here.

And one day. Soon. We can be together again.

And we will have the conversation. The laughter. And the memories.

We will make up for lost time.

While celebrating life.

Celebrating a new life.

Celebrating a special life.



Until then, my friend.

I miss you.


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